The Certified Promise

Our promise to you: Certified Safe Electric, Inc. works hard to make sure the experience of going solar is turnkey, effortless, and worry-free. Certified Safe Electric, Inc. professionals take care of everything- from precise measurements of your roof to post-installation paperwork, and everything in between.

Certified Benefits

Benefits of choosing Certified Safe Electric for your Massachusetts solar installation:

•Unbeatable worry-free guarantees
•Full in-house team, including trained and certified installers
•State-of-the-art performance monitoring
•Custom-designed systems based on actual roof measurements
•Wide range of finance options available

Certified Guarantees

Custom Roof Measurement

A Certified Safe Electric, Inc. trained solar professional will come to your home and measure the amount of sunlight your roof receives so we can custom-design your system. With accurate measurements of your roof, Certified Safe Electric, Inc. can accurately estimate what your system will produce, and even guarantee it. In addition, you receive accurate forecasts of your solar payback, and your solar ROI.

Certified In-House Installation

Every Certified Safe Electric, Inc. solar installation is custom- designed and supervised by a professionally trained project manager. Certified Safe Electric, Inc. has professional trained electricians and installers who are experts in solar installation, providing you a consistent, quality experience.

Efficient Installation Process

Certified Safe Electric, Inc. has a team of experts that personally handle every detail of your entire experience, turning a complex process into one that’s smooth and carefree. Our in-house professionals take care of everything, from precise measurements of your roof to post-installation paperwork for grants and rebates, and everything in between. With a fast and efficient installation process, you’ll be saving with solar in no time.

Unbeatable, Worry-Free Guarantees

All Certified Safe Electric, Inc. solar systems come with a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty that covers defects from materials and components. If defects are found in the installation hardware, we will service it free of charge. We only use high quality PV panels that are rigorously tested, and covered by a 20 to 25-Year Warranty. Certified Safe Electric, Inc. will even monitor your system automatically, and take care of any issues that arise so you can rest easy knowing you will receive a lifetime of worry-free support for your solar power system.

New Roof Guarantee

Certified Safe Electric, Inc. is an Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor. If you need a new roof within the first 10 years following your installation, we will provide you a quote for time and materials to uninstall and reinstall your solar power system and provide you a turn-key quote for your new roof, and will even store your system for free for up to 60 days.

Panel-Level Optimization

Certified Safe Electric, Inc. uses small micro-electronics that attach to each solar panel individually, also with a central inverter.  Known as panel-level optimization, it allows each panel to operate independently, which can lead to significant improvements in energy production, more electricity savings over the lifetime of your system, and adds a new layer of intelligence throughout your solar power system.  Panel-level optimization also allows for greater design flexibility in the placement of your panels, and makes it easy to expand your system in the future if needed. 

State-Of-The-Art Performance Monitoring

Detailed website performance monitoring lets you track your daily personal energy stats to see exactly how much solar energy you’re producing from hour to hour, and how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint or cars taken off the road.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates Aggregator

When your solar power system produces electricity for your home, it also produces Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, that represent the environmental benefits associated with producing 1,00o kw hours of clean, solar electricity.  You can sell your credits back to the utility companies in an open market and earn even more money from going solar.  SRECs are entirely separate from the savings you receive on your utility bill from sending electricity back to the grid.

A Large Family

The Certified Safe family has served homeowners in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for 10 years.  Certified Safe Electric, Inc. will continue to provide premier customer service for many years to come, and be here to support your entire solar experience- before, during, and after installation.