The Certified Promise

Certified Safe Electric, Inc. works hard to make sure the experience of going solar is exciting, effortless, and worry-free. Our professionals take care of everything – from precise measurements of your roof to post-installation paperwork, and everything in between.


We’re committed to giving you a worry-free solar installation experience, making you feel heard, and helping you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

We have a full in-house team of trained and certified installers, so you can feel confident in the quality of our work and our commitment to safety.

Each and every one of our systems is custom-designed, according to your energy needs. From customer service to installation, our highest goal is to serve you.

And our performance monitoring? State of the art, so you can know exactly how much energy you’re producing.

Whatever your financial situation may be, we’ll work with you to find a financing option that works for you.


A Certified Safe Electric professional will come to your home and measure your roof in order to determine the amount of sunlight your roof receives so we can custom-design your system. We’ll accurately estimate what your system will produce, and forecast your solar payback and return on investment.

Every Certified Safe Electric solar installation is custom-designed and supervised by a professionally trained project manager. Our electricians and installers are experts in solar installation, equipped to provide you with the highest quality experience you could ask for.


Your installation is done by our own employees. We do not sub-contract your installation to another party as many solar companies do. We give you our team with our high standards. “Do it right, or you do it twice.” 

Our team of experts will personally handle every detail of your experience, breaking down a complex process into one that’s smooth and carefree for you. We take care of everything — from precise measurements of your roof to post-installation paperwork for grants and rebates, and everything in between. When you go with us, you’ll be creating energy and saving money in no time.

All Certified Safe Electric solar systems come with a 5-Year workmanship warranty that provides you with coverage against any installation defects. If defects are found, we’ll service your system free of charge. Additionally, our PV solar panels are only the highest quality, tested rigorously, and covered by a 20- to 25-year warranty. And, we’ll monitor your system for any operational and performance disruptions. With lifetime customer support, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Known as panel-level optimization, Certified Safe Electric uses micro-electronics that attach to each solar panel individually and connect to a central inverter, allowing each panel to operate independently. This allows for increased energy production and more electricity savings over the lifetime of your system as compared with the conventional system where each panel is connected to a string of others. As well as producing energy the most efficiently, panel-level optimization allows for greater flexibility in the placement of your panels and makes it easy to expand your system in the future if needed.

With state-of-the-art performance monitoring, we give you access to your personal energy stats online to see just how much solar energy you’re producing and how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint.

In addition to saving you money by producing solar energy, you may qualify for the Massachusetts SMART program to allow you to save even more. As a participant, you’ll get paid for every kWh of energy your system produces. And unlike the SREC program that was in place until 2018, the SMART program doesn’t require you to sell your credits back to utility companies at various rates — you’ll get paid consistently, and all the details will be worked out for you.

The Certified Safe family has served homeowners and businesses in Massachusetts and beyond since 2007. We’re committed to providing you only the best customer service for years to come, and we’re here to support your entire solar experience — before, during, and after installation. We’re committed to serving you, and we’re not going anywhere.